Thursday, September 4, 2008

So my little boy is getting bigger!

Kaden has just completed his first day of preschool! He learned the letter A. Thanks to Aunt Ginger and Aunt Gena for teaching him!! He also went to tumbling this week. He is so excited to become a big boy. We also went the the South East Idaho Fair this last weekend. It was hot, but it was a blast. There was a kids tractor pull that Kaden entered in and he was the only 4 year old that made it to the second round!!! I think that we ate everything in site- including the cotton candy. This Saturday, we are taking Kaden to the demolition derby. He can hardly wait. It will be a mommy-daddy-Kaden day. I can't believe that summer is over- it was 40 degrees when I woke up this am. Fall is here, but winter is coming:(