Monday, April 13, 2009

"Monster Trucks are way cool, Can I have one !?!"

Monster Truck Fun!!!

The tires are huge on these things- Katelynn thought she was going to fall- Please note that she would only go in her snow boots!!

Do you notice what the car and Katelynn have in common? They both miss behave:)

Kaden loves Bigfoot b/c it has skeletons on it. He is big into skeletons now. He has already informed me that he wants to be a skeleton for Halloween

So the Monster trucks have come, but they have not gone. I have two of them walking around my house as we speak! It was my big idea to take the kids to the Monster truck rally at the Holt area in Pocatello. They were captivated from the time that we got there (6:00 pm) until we went home (11:00 pm). It was fun and all, but I think that I will stay at home the next time they come rolling into town!!! And to answer the question, Kaden, no we cannot get one!