Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring has sprung, well maybe?!!

Valentine's Day was quite fun. Aaron surprised me with flowers and a singing balloon at work. And I tried to do the homemaking thing, thanks to Janica, with making a tie for Aaron and creating a candy-gram. The tie was a bit short, but he still wore it:) I guess he loves me still!! Easter was a bit confusing. I do not recall ever having to wear snow suits for the Easter egg hunts? Have you? It was very cold, but the kids survived. Katelynn only had one meltdown while picking up eggs in Blackfoot. I have a ever-expanding waistline. I only have 5 more weeks to go!!! Yeah! But then I think of all the work having a new baby is... It is just easier to be prego!! I wonder if there is a plan that you can carry the kid until it is 18 years old?:) Here are some pics of the last few months.
Dyeing Easter eggs

Gathering eggs

First time I put Katelynn's hair in rollers. She woke up the next day looking like Shirley Temple. Her Hair takes a great cure:)

The candy-gram. Aaron said that it was a you-for-me gift. It kind of was:)

The fun flowers. They delivered them on the 4th floor and my students called me to help them give a medication. I went up to the floor and my students were behind me and started the balloon. It was so fun! Thanks honey!!!