Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh how time flies by...

This summer has gone by so fast!! Here is a recap of all of the different activities we have done in the last little bit. Aaron turned 30 this year, and we celebrated his b-day with a big surprise!!! He always says that he is not turning 30, just 29 (but if you do the math...). So we celebrated his 29th birthday on the last day of his 29th year (does this make sense?) He also had a midlife crisis (hopefully this is not his true midlife or else turning 60 will not be a fun year for him:)), because we bought a boat. I could say that I was infuriated and that I could not believe how insane he is b/c of where we live etc. But to tell you the truth, I LOVE it!!! And the best part about it is that we can have picnics on it:) I also turned another year older. It sure is crazy how time just disappears. I finished with the students in the middle of July and now I am on summer vaca until Sept. My high school reunion was so much fun. I loved seeing old friends again and to get reacquainted. We have been to drive-in movies (you can tell that you are getting older when you actually go to the drive-in to WATCH the movies:)), water parks, and I was able to get myself a bike this year. Kaden rides his bike, and Katelynn is on the back of mine. Every time I start to really pedal, she says, "Slow down mommy," even up hills. Kaden has taken 6 weeks of swim lessons this year. He is a different kid, I swear. He, who was once afraid of water on his face, now has no fear. He will put is face in a body of water even if it is only a couple of inches!! We were on the water last weekend with the boat and Kaden stated, "I am going to get that booty." Looking at Aaron, and thinking- What are you teaching our son- He kept saying it and I finally went to him and said, "Where's the booty" He proceeded to point to the buoy... Crazy Kid!!

Aaron's b-day cake

Which way are the sprays going? Look closely. That is why it was only $9.99

I guess my kids can be cute at times:)

Where Waldo, I mean Where's Kaden?

Our maiden voyage:)

Kaden and Aunt Gena

Katelynn has no fear she went by herself

Friday, June 5, 2009

Memorial weekend-

Memorial week was packed full of Indiana Jones and Thomas the Train. First, Kaden had his tumbling recital. All of the boys were Indiana Jones- He was so cute up on stage. He remember all of the moves. And the best part about it is that we have this years Halloween costume:) The following day, we took a trip to Utah to visit Thomas. We spent the weekend relaxing in the pool at the hotel; visiting Aaron's sister and her family; going to temple square; and seeing my really good friend Cami, who lives in Heber. The kids had a great time and it was nice to spend the weekend not working.

Kaden and I in Thomas (As always, it was raining)
Katelynn and Aaron in the train

The Kids were able to get balloon animals, Kaden has a dog hat and Katelynn chose a monkey holding a banana

Temple Square

My Muscle Man, Kaden Jones:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Easter- Yes I am a little Late:)

Here is Easter in a nut shell-We had a wonderful Easter, spent with family. It is so great to have family so close- the Easter Bunny did not come to our house until after church. The reason we told the kids:"..because you two woke up to early (Kaden did wake up at 6:15)." The REAL reason: The Easter Bunny slept in, oop!! I figured at least it wasn't Christmas morning, right? We had a ton of egg hunts, dyed eggs and just had fun with the cousins- Here are a few pics-

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Monster Trucks are way cool, Can I have one !?!"

Monster Truck Fun!!!

The tires are huge on these things- Katelynn thought she was going to fall- Please note that she would only go in her snow boots!!

Do you notice what the car and Katelynn have in common? They both miss behave:)

Kaden loves Bigfoot b/c it has skeletons on it. He is big into skeletons now. He has already informed me that he wants to be a skeleton for Halloween

So the Monster trucks have come, but they have not gone. I have two of them walking around my house as we speak! It was my big idea to take the kids to the Monster truck rally at the Holt area in Pocatello. They were captivated from the time that we got there (6:00 pm) until we went home (11:00 pm). It was fun and all, but I think that I will stay at home the next time they come rolling into town!!! And to answer the question, Kaden, no we cannot get one!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


That is what I felt when I found her with scissors in her hand chopping off all of her HAIR!!! So it was not as bad as I am making it out to be, but.... So here is the story. I was working out down stairs and Kaden yelled down to tell me that Katelynn was in his backpack. Thinking that she was in his crayons, I yelled back (not the best way to communicate, I know) to get them away and put his backpack up. After I was finished, 10 minutes later, I went up stairs to find her sitting down, a pile of her hair around her with the scissors still in her hands!!! I was so furious with her. Every time I tried to get the clumps off of her head, more hair came into my hands. I was so mad b/c her hair was the right length to put in a pony, and braid. So we took a little drive up to Aunt Katie's house and we had an emergency hair cut. If you ask Katelynn now if she should touch scissors, she states, "No, my mom would spank my bum!" and that is the truth:)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am feeling a little old!

So my friend Natalie showed me how to start up my playlist. I am so grateful for her. But while I was thinking of songs to include, I noticed that they are not the ones that would be played on the hottest radio stations. So am I now in the category of momville? My 10 year reunion is this year and I am so excited to see everyone, but that means that I am getting older. I still feel that I should be getting on the bus with the high school students, then I glance down and see my 5 1/2 year old and reality kicks in- Do you all feel the same way?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Day's

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day. Aaron surprised me with a fun gift! (That is all I am able to say:))Kaden and Katelynn made Valentine's cards and a foam house with us. And then we went to Aunt Gena's house and frosted cookies. It is so nice to have family around to share with us in our lives. So Kaden asked me what is the next holiday. I replied it is very special since you are 1/4 Irish. He did not quite understand that, but I tried to explain in my best 5 year old ways. He perked right up when I said "frost four leaf clover cookies and eat them." So he was way excited for St. Patrick's Day now. Did I mention that Kaden is in tumbling? They are now learning their routine for the recital. They are Indiana Jones. He makes me laugh every time he starts his routine. He makes me sing "Da da da da...da da da...da da data...da.da.da.." (You know the beginning of the Indiana Jones song, Don't make me sing it:)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So I am a slacker!!

I have not posted in a month. It has been crazy!! But enough excuses- Chrsitmas was really fun- Aaron decided to get me a DIGITAL camera. Yes, I am one of those people who love the feel of the film loading in the camera and seeing the crispness of the film. But he decided that it was way past due for me to enter the 21st century. I have to admit that I love my new camera and it has the pixels for the sharpness that I enjoy with my other camera- But I do still use the 35mm. I take out both when I take pictures- SO I am telling you this b/c I will be posting pictures more often. But I did promise pictures from Katelynn and Kadens b-day parties. I have Katelynn's developed, but not Kaden's- So, here are the pictures under the big top (don't look to close at the cake, 1st time using fondant) and stay tuned for the aar mates pics- Enjoy!