Tuesday, March 17, 2009


That is what I felt when I found her with scissors in her hand chopping off all of her HAIR!!! So it was not as bad as I am making it out to be, but.... So here is the story. I was working out down stairs and Kaden yelled down to tell me that Katelynn was in his backpack. Thinking that she was in his crayons, I yelled back (not the best way to communicate, I know) to get them away and put his backpack up. After I was finished, 10 minutes later, I went up stairs to find her sitting down, a pile of her hair around her with the scissors still in her hands!!! I was so furious with her. Every time I tried to get the clumps off of her head, more hair came into my hands. I was so mad b/c her hair was the right length to put in a pony, and braid. So we took a little drive up to Aunt Katie's house and we had an emergency hair cut. If you ask Katelynn now if she should touch scissors, she states, "No, my mom would spank my bum!" and that is the truth:)