Thursday, January 7, 2010

I have NOT dropped off the face of the earth!

It has been so long since my last post- But I have a great excuse- I am pregnant! I am 22 weeks and still sick!:( And no we don't know what we are having. I love the surprise of not knowing. But for the first 3 1/2 months I was bed-ridden, IVs in and lost 10 lbs. Not fun for me or for the family. Now I have to take Zofran and Reglan daily to keep the food down. Aaron was a trooper. He kept the house clean and made me broth for dinner. Anyways, here is a recap of this fall: Kaden is a kindergartner now. He loves school. He is so cute, walking to the bus. He just had a school recital for Christmas. Katelynn turned three and we had a flower theme for her b-day. Kaden turned six and we had a transformer b-day. I guess I was more excited to take cup cakes to his class than he was ( I never had a party in school b/c of my July b-day; I guess you can say that I am living through my son:) Katelynn is in dance now. She is so cute in her leotard and tights. Kaden is in tumbling. And for Halloween Kaden was Bumblebee the Transformer and Katelynn was a ladybug.

So what are we doing now? I am ever expanding, but still exercising every day. I can tell that I am not 22 and pregnant. Aaron is still working in the sub-zero temps, Katelynn is a sunbeam now and Kaden, because of the size of the Junior Primary, is in Senior Primary (he is in CTR 6). Christmas was fun. Both of the kids where so fun this year. We made cookies for Santa and we had to make sure that the reindeer were fed. The snow is on the ground and the sun is shining. To bad it is -11 right now. And I NEED some chocolate- Does anyone have some?

Kaden and Katelynn's first Sunday in January

Kaden and the Christmas program
Katelynn's 3rd birthday


Kaden's 6th birthday

Katelynn's first day of dance

Kaden's 1st day of school. I can't believe it!


Natalie said...

I'd almost get mad at you for not calling me and telling that Taylor #3 is on his/her way, but then I'd be a hypocrite. July 9th is the due date for Martin #3! TOTALLY unexpected and I was in a bit of denial at first, but now that I've heard the strong heartbeat I'm SO much more excited.

Yeah, my 29 year old body hasn't handled this pregnancy like the last two, but definitely NOTHING compared to your pregnancy woes.

Don't hesitate to call me anytime, even if it's just to catch up on life! Now I need to remember that too. May babies rock! I already have two!

Shawn and Cami and Max and Annie said...

Congrats!! You got your wish . . .. anthoer baby! Hope you start feeling better soon. Miss you!

The Larsons said...

So excited for you guys! Loved the Christmas card, and finding out your fun news. Being sick is SO not fun. With Cooper I lost 17 lbs... but, with the others I've luckily been able to function on zophran and phenegran. So glad you are feeling a little better! If I had one of each sex, I'd totally not find out what I was having. Fun! Good luck! SUPER cute kids!

Natalie said...

Since this is the only place I come in contact with you, I'm just letting you know I gave you an award on my blog and I REALLY want you to do it so I can update myself in your life! Take care!